The Wren Notebook ISBN 1-929878-16-8 Due: Jan. 2000
A new collection of poetry by Rick Smith published by the LUMMOX PRESS


The Wren Notebook (Rick Smith's first collection of poetry in over 25 
years!) is available as of January 2000!

This handsome, perfect-bound volume of poetry(70 pgs)is illustrated by 
Judith Bever and introduced by acclaimed artist and educator, Llyn Foulkes. 

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Excerpt from The Wren Notebook:

from the introduction:
"Rick Smith is one hell of a poet.  A tireless romantic, rich in the 
history of poetry and the blues, he casts himself in the role of wren.  Or 
is the wren’s role Rick?  The wandering troubadour, the reflective father, 
the lover, the neglected artist.  Rick tells it all. 
"As the son of painter William A. Smith, he grew up in Pennsylvania 
admiring friends of his father’s like poet Carl Sandburg.  I still see 
Sandburg’s influence.  America dreaming, roots in the ground.  But I also 
see him as the underdog, sometimes proud, sometimes rebellious, and he 
really knows how to tell a story."    -- Llyn Foulkes

Crash landings and small craft warnings seeds and grasses in the cross wind of the plains. This defiance is perilous: darting in and out a ground skirmish with a young buffalo, the size of a continent, who seems not to notice but who avoids stepping on any of us. Huge and tiny everywhere, nowhere. (copyright 1999 Rick Smith)
A splash of orange slanders a black sky and the wren heads for cover. The wren is a recurrent figure. She has a beak and she can crack small things. She has an eye for lateral moments. There are facts that blur the line between the garden and the natural world. And there are crows. They lift off from limbs in the orange grove out back and under cover of that sweet air they land like WWII bombers inside the garden. Inside we wait for hunger. Outside we wait for movement. We want what is inside to go away. We want what is outside to be prey. On this morning, fortune is with us. The crows won’t even play on this turf. There is big work in other parts. And wren has a throat reserved for cricket and song. It is cricket and song that lead her under moonlight over stone. (Copyright 1999 Rick Smith)

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