This is Little Red Book #6

The Lummox Press and RD Armstrong are pleased to announce the publication 
of "Scar Tissue" by noted San Francisco poet, A. D. Winans.

Here is a sample from Scar Tissue:


	In my sleep
	My parents appear
	As faceless wolves
	Clawing at my bedroom window
	Seeking refuge in
	My heart

	But all I remember 
	Is the arguments 
	The fighting
	A thrown hanger in the face
	A dish broken over 
	My father's head

	These memories linger on
	In nightmares
	Real and imagined 

	I wake sweating profusely
	Feeling like a gutted pig
	Roasted over a spittle
	Turning burning 
	In a fire of childhood

	-A.D. Winans 

The Little Red Book series

Some background:

LRBs are quarter page size, with a good 80# cover, red, and a simple but effective layout. The object here is to reach a wider audience with a book that enhances, rather than detracts from, the work of the poet / writer. Copies of the LRB may be purchased directly from the press (five dollars + one dollar postage) or from Dutton's Books of Brentwood, CA, Exile Books of Sherman Oaks, CA or Beyond Baroque of Venice, CA. This concept came out of the "pocket poetry" series from Vinegar Hill Bookworks a few years ago and also from City Lights Press before that.

Some future LRBs planned are: Apology to the Idiots by Laura Joy Lustig (July-Aug.); Eyes Like Mingus by various poets including G. Locklin, A. Markowitz, S. Wannberg, L. Lifshin, T. Moore, RD Armstrong, and more; Blue Highway by various poets; and Maytag Heights, a book on homelessness (a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser) by various poets including L. Jaffe, RD Armstrong, P. Walnmane and others.

Poets who are in line for LRBs: Lyn Lifshin, Rene Diedrich, BZ Niditch, Rick Smith, Larry Jaffe, Errol Miller...

If you are interested in reviewing, or reserving an advanced copy, please contact RD Armstrong. I am always willing to talk about this project.

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