New Poetry by Scott Wannberg

Hymn for nameless children

And the dust laughed
And the crying animals said we love you
I know where your heart hurts
the wound is a civilization
that has no interpreter
You will allow me to put my ear down against the burn
i will trouble you very little when
i sing your elementary school's favorite
marching song to
the black holes collapsing
over my shoulder
And the train station was swallowed
by the smoke of the engine of the train
when it said I love you
in the hidden language of the new dawn
when children were butter on the end of
dangerous adult knives
and the lunch crowd would always be standing on line in some
hard to pronounce town
where death was so easily accepted
And animals cry in tandem while
their parole officers sleep in
because it is a holiday in their bloodstream
and the national monuments of fear
have melted in the new peace accords
of pain

Wander then
with a lost room in your eyes
when we reach the rendezvous of
skin and intent
there will be time for yelling
and shaking off the bewildered shoes
there will dancing in the
deaf zone
we will become nouns
of trust
waters of dreams
Wander then head first
under the poor sun of
good mourning
Your blood is reckless with love
Your blood is the way we breathe

Scott Wannberg Copyright 2000
(World-wide Rights Reserved -- 
use only with authors written permission)

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