This is Little Red Book #5

The Lummox Press & RD Armstrong is pleased to announce the publication of Bill Shields' Meat Eater.

Here is a sample:

Meat Loaf

Do you like my ass? she asked, her face next to him on a single pillow.

I like the way it's attached, Bill answered, reaching down to a cheek. They had finished making love perhaps ten minutes back -- the room smelled like their insides.

What's that on your arm, those scars? she asked, then sat up in bed & inspected his left arm closely. Jesus Christ, that is ugly, Bill, did that happen in Vietnam?

No, he said, pulling the sheet up to his neck.

Had to be a car wreck, or a motorcycle wreck, she said.

No, he answered, they are my own form of drug rehab. I look at 'em & they keep me straight.

I could never put a needle in my arm, she said with a lot of disgust, & slipped out of the bed.

Bill looked over at her standing naked, her back to him & said, Baby, that is damn near divine.

She put her shirt on.

Bill Shields is most widely known for his four books of poetry published by Henry Rollins' 2.13.61 Press (Lifetaker, Human Schrapnel). Here he continues the saga of a man locked in mortal combat with the ghosts of the past.

The Little Red Book (LRB) series

Some background:

LRBs are quarter page size, with a good 80# cover, red, and a simple but effective layout. The object here is to reach a wider audience with books that enhance, rather than detract from, the work of the poet / writer. Copies of the LRB may be purchased directly from the press (five dollars + one dollar postage), or from Dutton's Books of Brentwood, CA, Exile Books of Sherman Oaks, CA or Beyond Baroque of Venice, CA. This concept came out of the "pocket poetry" series from Vinegar Hill Books a few years ago and also from City Lights Press before that.

Some future LRBs are: Apology to the Idiots by Laura Joy Lustig (July-Aug.); Eyes Like Mingus by various poets including G. Locklin, A. Markowitz, S. Wannberg, L. Lifshin, T. Moore, RD Armstrong, and more; Blue Highway by various poets; and Maytag Heights, a book on homelessness (a Habitat for Humanity fundraiser) by various poets including L. Jaffe, RD Armstrong, P. Walnmane and others.

Poets in line for LRBs: Lyn Lifshin, Rene Diedrich, Larry Jaffe, BZ Niditch, Rick Smith, Errol Miller...

There are 6 Little Red Books to date. If you are interested in reviewing, or purchasing a copy, please contact RD Armstrong.

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