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In the realm of the Small Press (any press that publishes books in print runs of less than 5000 is considered Small Press - so Lummox may actually be a micro press), it is not uncommon for publishers to operate "in the red." As is the tradition of credit in this country, the road to hell is paved with 'plastic.' Not so at Lummox. I have always operated Lummox with the idea that I'm too poor to carry it; that it must at least break-even. So, for the past 5 years, Lummox has been slowly expanding, taking on new projects as the finances have allowed.

What started out as a 4 page monthly "journal" with less than twenty subscribers and a name to publish my own poetry under, has since become a 24 - 40 page journal (still monthly) and a press which has (since 1998) published the (ongoing - 27 titles so far) Little Red Book (LRB) series, started the Master series (a second volume is planned for 2001), and also publishes special chapbooks on occasion. The Lummox Journal reaches readers world-wide and is delivered around the US to its more than one hundred subscribers (as I said, it's small press). Lummox books grace the shelves of some 1,000 households, and the special collections branch of Rockefeller Library at Brown University, in Rhode Island.

In addition, this year I created the Lummox Society of Writers, a "club" for poets & writers who submit to the small/micro press. It is my hope that this project will grow to become a lively exchange of ideas and information between its members in the twice yearly newsletter I will publish. If nothing else, having to join a club in lieu of a "reading fee" will serve to stem the tide of unsolicited poetry & fiction that has increasingly arrived via email and the post - up from 75 submissions in 1997-9 to 600 submissions in 1999-00!


Patrons make it possible to tackle projects such as the Little Red Book Master Series. You may be familiar with the first volume in this series, Rick Smith's The Wren Notebook, a beautifully presented collection of poems written by Dr. Smith with 8 pen & ink drawings by Judith Bever. The "seed" money for this book came from Lummox Patrons. You'll see their names listed in the book (all patrons are acknowledged in this fashion).

Gerald Locklin, educator (30 years at CSULB) and one of the most published poets in the small press today, comments:

"The Wren Notebook is first-class in all respects, Rick Smith's feathered persona is a unique and fertile inspiration, allowing the personal and the imaginative to coalesce wherever wrens and humans venture: Paris to Philly, Dublin to China, NYC to Dakota, California to the Equator. The lines are deft, quick, oblique . . . wren-like in their dartings. It is truly an original sequence, and the design, illustration, layout, and printing palpably enhance the words. This first entry in the Little Red Book Master Series continues that standard of professionalism which one associates with Raindog's Lummox Productions."

Tim Scannell, from a review in the spring 2000 Chiron Review, wrote:

"... the adroit interweaving continues throughout the book. Yet whether the poems are on man or on wren, each assertion of the complex metaphors will draw the characteristics - the life, the 'worries' - of one into the other (bird into man/man into bird)... In any case, The Wren Notebook is wonderful and amazing: a Pushcart Prize in 2000, for those who are thinking carefully! This is the first book in a new series called Little Red Book Master. This series is 6X6, bound, on a fine manila bond, and is superbly illustrated by Judith Bever. Kudos to the Lummox Press."


Forty two cents a day. That's what it costs to be an Angel. That's two cigarettes or seven miles in your car. Can you afford that?

There are four levels:

CHERUB - you'll receive the Lummox Journal for two years; plus your choice of two bonus books from the LRB series. $75+

ANGEL - you'll receive the Lummox Journal for three years; plus your choice of four bonus books from either the Master series or the LRB series; plus being mentioned as a Lummox Patron in both the journal and LRB series. $150+

ARCH-ANGEL - you'll receive the Lummox Journal for four years; plus your choice of eight bonus books from either the Master series, the LRB series or any other Lummox publications, including CDs (planned) or T shirts; plus being mentioned as a Lummox Patron in both the journal and LRB series. $250+

LIFETIME - you'll receive a LIFETIME of the Lummox Journal; plus any and all books, CDs, or other product created by Lummox Productions; plus being lauded heavily for your generosity and kind patronage! $400+

Currently there are four Cherubs, six Angels, one Arch-Angel & one LIFETIME on the roster. Most of the Cherubs & Angels have been with Lummox since the beginning.

Lummox does not, as yet, have non-profit status, but there is one group with non-profit status that has been kind enough to offer to act as a "fiscal receiver" for your donations. They will receive a modest 10% of your donation for providing this assistance. They are Tebot/Bach, a poetry collective that sponsors a monthly reading series in Huntington Beach, and publishes their own annual poetry anthology.

I hope you will decide to help Lummox Productions with your generous support.

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