Best O'The LUMMOX Journal

What do Todd Moore, Paul Krassner, Charles Bukowski, A.D. Winans, Linda Lerner, Scott Wannberg, Laurel Ann Bogen, Frank Moore & Tomata Du Plenty all have in common?

Simple, they all appeared in the LUMMOX Journal sometime since 1996. You can find them and more in the ARCHIVE link (where you will find the best of Raindog's "The View From Down Here", Jay Alamares' "The Last Page", Todd Moore's thoughts on the craft of writing, Rene Diedrich's "Notes of an Initiate", reviews & other stuff from the LUMMOX)!

Unlike most magazines on the market these days, the LUMMOX Journal does not focus, as much, on the products of creativity, namely poetry, fiction, music, etc ; but rather on what's going on inside the heads of those who create it. The exception to this is the annual ALL POETRY issue and the annual ALL REVIEWS issue. The LUMMOX Journal accepts articles, essays, commentaries exploring the process of creativity, poetry (15% of submissions, published, so be forewarned). Send inquiry FIRST.

Deadline: the 15th of each month.

Available in hard copy (digest size -- 5.5" X 8.5", 16 to 24 pgs) by subscription (12 issues for twenty dollars). Back issues are available including the annual Bukowski Remembered issue ('97, '98, '99) & The All Poetry issue ('98 & '99)

Please click on the sections (links) listed below to explore the LUMMOX Journal.

Table Of Concepts (and a few bonuses)

Lummox Journal ARCHIVES: "The thinking person's mag about the small press/alternative zine"
The Little Red Books: Books & excerpts (links) to LRB from Lummox Press
ALL POETRY ISSUE - 3rd annual: Excerpts from the biggest issue ever!
Interviews from 2001: Donna Cartelli, Harry Northup & Holly Prado...
The CrossRoads: Poetry and other info from Raindog (RD Armstrong)
Places Of interest: ummm.....
Todd Moore essay & interview: "Never trust a woman or an automatic pistol..."
Bukowski excerpts: The last All Bukowski issue - Aug. 2000


The LUMMOX PRESS has a complete list of titles, including the Lummox Journal. For a free catalog, please send an S.A.S.E. ($.57 in stamps) to:

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