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Tell 'Em Raindog Sent'cha!

Here's a list of links to interesting mags, zines, sites, people around the world. Visit them. I think you'll find them interesting.

If the link is bad, please let me know... or if you have a suggested link, I'd be happy to check it out.

Now, on to the links!


Interviews from 2001 : Plus links to other Lummox Journal pages
Lummox of the Year 2001: Profile of John Thomas - Venice Beat Poet
Musicians Database: great site for musicians & bands!
Find it on a web ring: Anything & Everything
The CrossRoads: Current home of Lummox Press online...
The Gates Of Heck: Cutting Edge Art Site -- Primo!
The Few, the Proud...: The ones who make it all possible, at Lummox
Poetry Super Highway: The ultimate "HIGH" road in poetry sites
Cornelia Street Cafe: When in NY, do as the NYers do: go to CSC!
Book Zen - register your books here: FREE SERVICE!
The Arts Journal: Commentary on Art, updated regularly
the Little Red Book series: Lummox Press publishes poets...
Poetry of Kathy Baus: A talented writer from down south...
The House of Lummox: Poetry excerpts from Raindog's recent book of LOVE poems
Liz Belile's Body Of Words: An award winning site for poetry
An English poet & artist: Poetry & Computer Art
Lummox Journal - excerpts: Interviews, articles, reviews, commentary
Dutton's Books: Long live the Indie bookstores!
Lummox Journal's All Poetry issue: A poetry repository
D.U.D.E.: A great source for distribution in the SF/Bay Area!
Official Info on RD "Raindog" Armstrong: Everything you wanted to know and thensome...
Coyote Magazine: poetry
The LAST Bukowski issue: The Man recalled by those who knew him (for better or...)
Disquieting Muses: Excellant poetry... edited by Dancing Bear
The Wren Notebook by Rick Smith: Newest book from Lummox Press
Poets On The Line: Respected poets represented here
City Lights Books in S.F.: Ask for a Lummox Press title here...
Beyond Baroque, Venice, California: One of the oldest running poetry venues...
Staplegun Press: "Poetry that humps your leg"
Powell's Books in Portland ORE: Lummox Press titles carried here... An alternative site for alternative sound
Juxtapoz Art Magazine: Art that's smart and savvy too
Water Row Books: An excellent source for distro & publishing!
The Zine Book: zines zines zines zines zines zines zines...
Elliott Bay Books in Seattle WASH: Ask for Lummox titles here...
Independent Review Site: Music, Literature, Film, Performances...
Thunder Sandwich: One of the better online zines
Kulak's Woodshed - Performance Space: There is life in North Hollywood, CA afterall
Author's Den: A vast database of writers & poets
Profile of a Poet: Gerald Locklin - King of the Small Press
Lummox of the Year 2000: Todd Moore - One of the best writers around
The San Pedro Poems: San Pedro, it's not just for breakfast any more...
FAMILIARITIES: LRB 33 by Patricia Cherin & Gerry Locklin

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