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Rules   For   Living   in   the   Age   of   Rage

Please check those links -- they lead to many other pages of interest scattered throughout the web... places that will boggle your simple minds with the incredible diversity and wonder that is the inner-sanctum of my imagination! No? Alright, alright, just go there. You can visit the Best 'O Lummox 1997 (coming soon, the best of '98) -- an overview of last year's Lummox Journal. Or you can get inside the old Raindog bean at The Act, or The House of Lummox, or The Manx Tales. Or if you like it a little hotter, try the Skin Fixx. Bukowski fans, go to Bukowski Lives or the special Buk issue (presented in its entirety) in the Best 'O Lummox '97. Or, if you're really odd, go to the CasioTones page and meet the members of the band (of which Raindog is one)! There are many choices!

As the millinium approaches and everyone scurries to cover their respective butts, I am reminded of those treasured family traditions such as "The Rules of Thumb" that seem to have been lost in this ever-changing, rapidly diversifying, high-tech world we live in.

So I have developed some "Rules" of engagement (to borrow from the military boys) for the late nineties. Some are specific to the world of music (one of my many interests), but they can be applied to life in general, with a little creativity.

I welcome your own rules, e-mail me with your suggestions.

Rule #1: NEVER take it out, UNLESS you plan on using it!

Rule #2: RESPECT YOURSELF; you know what you need!

Rule #3: Never fuck the drummer!

Rule #3A: Leave the bass player alone, too! (without a rhythm section it is you who will be fucked!)

Rule #4: If you have to tell someone to get out of your life, don't bother trying to explain. It's already TOO LATE!

Rule #5: NEVER fuck with the Royal Family!

Rule #6: Always trust your "gut" instinct!

Rule #7: "Free" is just another four-letter word!

Rule #8: If you can't fix it, don't break it!

More rules to follow. Remember send your suggestions to me and please use the subject heading "Rules" Be good to each other and if you can't be with the one you love remember Rule #1! Adios, RD Armstrong (aka Raindog)

Updated 3-25-00

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