kolchik was chopping 

boxcar slats 
next to the 
railroad tracks 
for his wood 
stove when i 
sd what did 
they do w/the 
dead horse & 
he pointed at 
the ditch where 
the flat tires 
were & i cd 
see what was 
left of the 
head the bones 
were showing 
& some of the 
teeth & flies 
were going into 
& coming out 
of the ears & 
kolchik sd it 
stinks over 
there like the 
night mama died 
& she cdn't 
swallow any 

Todd Moore


if every job were that simple
life would be a breeze i'm
under the house yesterday
searching for electricity i
want to run a new outlet and
i notice a puddle under the
bath so i have Janet turn on
the flow and sure enough there's
a leak but i don't fix it then
i've got electricity on my
mind and besides i need to
think about what to do which
usually settles while i sleep
and anyways it's cold out there
under there, everywhere, so
first thing this morning i grab
a couple screwdrivers and a
flashlight and it's dusty with
spider webs like a bad dream
i kill a black widow and the
screwdrivers are wrong i yell
for Janet to bring me a crescent

Mark Weber

Who Are These Guys?

Todd Moore works in a trading post on Central Avenue here in Albuquerque selling tin sheriff badges to the tourists. He watches the whores stroll through the glass. He watches the methadone clinic amputees from around the corner. His white Saturn is parked inside a chain-link fence in back. The Outpost jazz club is next door. He sells them badges and waits till closing. --Mark Weber

Todd Moore has been published in hundreds of magazines. Recent books include Working on my Duende and The Corpse is Dreaming (LRB # 20). This is his third book published by the Lummox Press. He was recently honored as Lummox of the Year 2000. It is his first award in 30 years. -- bio from the book

Mark Weber is a poet masquerading as a fixit man. He stuccoed my house and painted the white places. In between gigs as a carpenter, painter, plumber, and electrician, Mark performs with a band called the Bubbadinos. Besides being a poet, he's also a song writer and a composer with a dash of Duke Ellington, a pinch of Aaron Copland, the twang of Hank Williams, and three fingers of Tom Waits. --Todd Moore

Mark Weber is the creative genius behind Zerx Press & Records. He has published many chapbooks w/ Gerry Locklin and is archiving the definitive bibliography of Locklin's work (soon to be published by Water Row Books). He loves his wife and pancakes. -- bio from the book

About This Book

TITLE: Bombed in New Mexico

AUTHORS: Todd Moore & Mark Weber

PUBLISHER: Lummox Press, LRB # 26

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