Jimi Bernath read this poem


poetry is trouble unbound

upon the world of ideas

case logic enumerators sifting words

like they are going out of style

which of course they do

like rainforest butterflies to make room

for geyser logic spewing seeping

rainbow limestone encyclopedias of earth

knowledge the language of bubbling mud

site of orgy songfests

to moons reflected in steam

all circle round this cauldron

of protein bloodstream

singing all my peoples songs

swanee sweet adeline louie louie

stardust hava nagila latin lupe lu

twist & shout go down miss moses

theres nothing you can say

its just old luke waitin on

the judgment day surely come tomorrow

crack of dawn

when we awaken in a pile of warm flesh

groaning from being grown

again in a mirror of mist

steam bath forests

opening to receive us

trusting the mudpeople not to burn me down

and i will show you the secrets

of the seedcone needle loam bed mushroom flower

visions of madness round the old fairy fires

the elvin flick of the lightning wrist of summer

out like a light

in like a lamblionheartache

of season to everything turn turn

around before its too late

but she rolled over and fell right into

the damned blessed geyser




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