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"City: [no e]Scape, is perfect! (on the CrossRoads site) Good poetry is an antidote to the poison of bad poetry, bad job, bad life! What do I know? Other than I dig your writing... thanks for the poetry." -– Jacob Evans

"There is failure, hurt, confusion – a constant restlessness; yet all these very human scars are slowly healed by a daily persistent observation and consideration (active thinking); and by tomorrow’s possibility. That’s good poetry, and I recommend The San Pedro Poems. -- Tim Scannell

"...that was worth a thousand evenings of failed brilliance. It was spontaneous combustible genius united!" -- Lisa Nemzo (referring to the Tag-Team poetry of Ben Russak & Raindog at Kulak’s Woodshed in July 01)

“This [On/Off the Beaten Path]...poem of character, mindscape and landscape is worthy of every drop of gas consumed. Recommended!” – Tim Scannell (The Bent, Fall 2000)

“The poetry (Paper Heart 3) offers Raindog’s unique take on romance and love. Without sounding sappy or jaded, he combs the depths of love and affection, detailing not only the absolute elation it can bring, but also the dysfunctional characteristics that tend to seep through the cracks.” -- Holly Matter

“The Manx Tales by RD Armstrong... 15 semi-autobiographical tales of urban alienation & isolation – very internal, very intense. Plenty of ironic humor, & wry sex. This Raindog is one cool cat.” -- John Berbrich (From The Marrow, #5, March 2000)

“...bought the jazz anthology [Eyes Like Mingus]... I was blown away. Particularly by “Zoot”. I find myself going back to read that over and over again.” -- Mike Grover

“[A Journey Up The Coast]... is reminiscent of the best road poem of all – Song of Myself.” -- Todd Moore

“ I enjoyed reading El Pagano. …still producing tough, sharp and emotional material. Good job man.” -- Alex Thiltges.

The Lummox Empire

Little Red Book series - first books
In the Beginning there were just a few
Little Red Book series - second set
Then more followed...
Eyes Like Mingus - Jazz Poetry
11 poets explore the jazz idiom
A Journey up the Coast
Raindog hits the 101 Northbound
On/Off the Beaten Path
Raindog heads east on old Route 66
Raindog is...?
It's all here, folks...the good, the bad, the ugly...
The Iceberg Theory and more
New developments at Lummox
All Poetry Issue
Excerpts from this special issue
A Final Bukowski Tribute
An international salute the grandest dirty old man!
Nomads of Oblivion
Scott Wannberg rides again!!!!
Bombed in New Mexico
Todd Moore & Mark Weber are on target with this one!
The Manx Tales
For a guy with no tale, this cat is cool...
Lost Highway
A Blues Poetry Collection -- 15 poets lay it down for ya
The Wren Notebook
Rick Smith's beautiful book of poems
House of Lummox / Raindog's Poetry Site
(currently) Paper Heart, LRB #22
Best of the Lummox Journal
Access to the first five years...
In Their Own Words 2000
Kell Robertson, Clive Matson, Tony Moffeit & B.Z. Niditch
In Their Own Words 1997
Early Interviews From Lummox
The Lummox "Staff"
Keepin' it real, baby, thos who make it all possible!
by Patricia Cherin & Gerry Locklin
Best O' the Lummox Journal
A sampling of the first five years...
The San Pedro Poems
RD Armstrong traces his roots in this collection...
The CrossRoads
City [no e]Scape and other poems

RD Armstrong

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