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Lummox Journal
Rogue's Photo Gallery

Some of the people who rock my world


Todd Moore, Tony Moffeit & Lawrence Welsh at the 1994 Poetry Rendevous in Great Bend, KS (photo: Mark Weber)


Jack Micheline at Sam's Bookcity in N. Hollywood about a year before he passed on. The lettering in the background is one of his famous poem paintings. (photo: Raindog)


Fred Dewey (Exec. Dir. of Beyond Baroque) and poet Ed Dorn at the Small Press & Zine Conference in June of 1998, in Venice, CA. (photo: Raindog)


Colorful poet, RD "Raindog" Armstrong standing outside Dutton's of Brentwood, one of the best dang indie bookstores in L.A (photo: Linda Lerner)


Dig those crazy peepers!
Poet, Iris Berry at Sam's Bookcity the same night that Jack Micheline read. (Photo: Raindog) - Sorry, but this picture was really washed out, so I had to improvise.



(Very Top)
A.D. Winans in front of the Jack Micheline mural in the Abandoned Planet Bookstore in San Francisco, CA (photo: A.D. Winans)
A.D. Winans in Vesuvio's Bar next door to City Lights Books in June of 1999 (photo: Raindog)


Scott giving his all at Beyond Baroque - 6-16-00 (photo: Linda Lerner)


Poet S.A. Griffin (moderator) at the Small Press & Zine Conference at Beyond Baroque (Venice, CA) in June 1998.

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