ah kafka, sweet kafka
what if u woke up one day
& u looked exactly like adolph hitler
in a shiny black outfit
w/silver accessories
that never could come off
o the townspeople would hate u
& yr wife (who sd it
didnt matter)
           even yr wife
when she kissed
that little mustash
would remember her loss
& wd not weant to kiss that
little black mustash
that would never come off
ever again
& adolph (jeez! thats
not even his name
no one here remembers
his name
        he just left one day
but no one remembered
his leaving either
no one looked at him
any more any way
& later deep in the forest
was found some silver buttons
a shank of bone
some hair
but they never 
cd find
that little black mustash
& some say
up to this very day
in the dark woods
there is a gnome-like
creature that wanders there
staring at the ground
who dances a curious jig
& as he shuffles about
he sings this curious song:
"oh i cant sing
& i cant dance
but i got a mustash
in my pants"
Tony Scibella



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