That's me, at the 2001 Santa Barbara Zinefest (thanx to Bunnigrrrl of Wishbone for the photo).

Who am I? Founder, Publisher, Editor, Salesman, Assembler and Primary Grunt in the Lummox organisation which is run from two-thirds of my luxurious apartment on the edge of the ghetto, near the L. A. Harbor.

Of what? The Lummox Journal (monthly Lit-Arts mag since Oct. 95); The Lummox Press, which publishes a "who's who" of small press poets, in it's Little Red Book series and The LRB Master Series; as well as other titles including the GRIT series, the Sex Fiend series, DUFUS!, The Manx Tales and the Lummox Society of Writers (LSW) Newsletter

What's the purpose of this page? To send out "props" to those who do the things that I can't do, because I'm so busy doing other stuff.

Who are they? I'd be lost, utterly and completely, without my fabulous Art Director, Yazoota (#1 below), who labors away in obscurity for the Lummox Journal. Each month, every month, he arranges the text, photos and art into a masterpiece!

And let us not forget the amazing talents of Claudio Parentela (#2 below), whose pen & ink illustrations have graced almost every single issue of the Lummox Journal since mid-1997 and have also appeared in selected titles from the Little Red Book series.

Also Todd Moore, essays & poetry (#3), Scott Wannberg, reviews & poetry (#4), Tim Scannell, essays & reviews (#5), Rene Diedrich, essays & reviews, and Mark Terrill, articles & reviews (neither pictured), all of whom contribute regularly to keep the Lummox Journal from getting stale and one-sided.

Pictured in the panel below are some of the poets recently interviewed: 1. Donna Cartelli (poet - Brooklyn, NY) 2. Tony Moffeit (poet - Pueblo, CO) 3. Harry Northup (poet - Los Angeles, CA) 4. Holly Prado (poet - Los Angeles, CA) 5. A. D. Winans (poet - San Francisco, CA) 6. Todd Moore (poet - ABQ, NM)

Finally, I must thank all my subscribers and especially the following patrons: starting with Ann Lee (S'Pacific Images of San Pedro, CA), who makes the LRB Master Series a reality; Greg & Collen Shield; Bonnie Bectol & Tom Armstrong; Chris Armstrong; Anonymous; Sooz Glazebrook; Georgia Cox; Dennis Green; Rick Smith; John Forsha; Matt & Peggy Harrison; "The Geeze"; Sam Cunningham; Larry Jaffe.

As the song says, "YOU GIVE ME REASON TO LIVE!"

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