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Elvis Changed My Life On The Big Screen

At The Fox Theatre In Downtown Richmond, California


my grandma would give me

35 cents for the double feature

& I'd walk down to the

always empty Fox Theatre


sitting in the dark

I'd dig The King up there

on that great big screen

surrounded by beautiful chicks

singin' & swingin'

me thinkin', "Oh yeah. That's me man...

uh huh huh... awlll rye-ee-ight!!"


I'd drag my poor skinny young white ass

into the bathroom between flicks

pop a dime into the vending machine

& drop out a black ace


spread my legs apart

face the mirror & comb my hair

practice my sneer...

sing, "Angel... a-an-gel bay-ay-ay-beee...

oh, my sweet ayyyn-gellll..."


go back for the second flick

sit in the dark & believe that

it was possible

all over again

& again


at home I'd lay my

thick young mane back

into a racing slick pompadour

with gobs of Dixie Peach pomade

pull the front forward just like

Elvis the 19 year old truck driver from Memphis

Elvis The King

practice my sneer

in the bathroom mirror

sing, "Love me tender... love me true..."

dream of all those beautiful chicks & fast cars


all things possible

for a young boy from

the projects lorded over by a truck driving

stepfather from Nashville his mind

made mad by WWII & bisexual rage


he hated the sneer & the curl

dropping in front of my forehead

& hard as he tried

he couldn't beat it out of me


he must be long dead by now

a victim of his own fear & abuse


the glorious Fox razed along with

the old neighborhood


as myself & The King rock on

singing, "One for the money...

two for the show...

three to get ready now



But donchew... step on my

blue suede shoes!"


a pale blue sky surrounds me

it is Wednesday morning

a buzz saw eats everything

& I am writing this to you now

telling you that yes


it's all right now mama


2006 S.A. Griffin



There Is


and still the sun screams down

upon this fleetingly sane and wicked monument to mortality

the machine guns of eternity grind out the days

the nights

fate hammers

down its final verdict

upon humanity somewhere as something breathes itself into extinction

the humanity we often never had

and many never will

but still believe in

that there is still

time enough for whatever it is

you have yet to accomplish on your

list of things left to do

that more than likely

will never get done

and only remember

that you are not alone

never were

never will be

no matter who or what you think you are

that within the darkest chambers of the heart

there is the possibility of light

that within the biggest tightest asshole

that leaves the biggest foulest footprint upon the blue blue morning of the globe

there exists something so small and physically imperceptible inside that asshole

with the ability to send that rage tumbling

back into the earth

something renewable

something still with the ability to

unravel government plots

stifle corporate will

unexplain the gods

and cause joy inside this tortured

world of war all the time


there is a flower that can't be stopped

there is laughter that must be heard

there is someone's love song with your eyes inside of it looking out

there is another moment left before the last

before the next

there is still time for love if you so desire

even if you don't

there is

regardless of what you think or feel or don't

there is


S.A. Griffin



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