Photo credit: Unknown

A Lesson in Duende
(for John Macker)

Phil Woods signs 'Salt for the Olives, Lemon for the Fish'
writes in - 'The Guitar of Yes and No'
just read it

must listen to Paco De Lucia

need music in my life
real duende that unravels
my toes of the familiar
music that moves my blood
circles the path of my heart

drum drum drum

drumming back into the veil
longing, yearning, passion

this world has grown stale
even this espresso has no zip
the flavor of tempest in this country
lies under sugarcoated aspirin

in this stagnant pond
even pelicans ignore
bored sunfish somersaulting
on the beach

where is my Argentina hat
not the one Zorro wears
when fighting conquistadors
but the other -
for his Lover

lift the beat from the dance
find the fire raging skyscraper
stamp your feet on the floor

raise your skirts high
like you did before you settled
for broken earth

Delphine Cuomo